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Development trend graphite mold


Nowadays, Graphite Mold industry plays a vital role in human life and development. The development of many industrial sectors (such as mechanical and electrical machinery, automobile, household appliances light industry, electrical instruments, communications, ordnance, etc.) depends on the technological improvement and development of mold industry. All countries in the world have invested a lot of human and financial resources to develop graphite mold industry. Our country also attaches great importance to the development of mould industry. The level of mould production technology has become an important symbol for measuring the level of product manufacturing in a country, because mould and mould decide the quality and benefit of products and the development ability of new products to a great extent. Since 1997, the relevant departments of China began to pay attention to and support the development of Graphite Mould industry, and vigorously support the development of Chinese local enterprises in graphite mould industry. Now they have made good achievements, and made contributions to China’s export foreign exchange income. According to the development trend of the mold industry in the future, who can complete the mold production in a short time, who will win the customer and win the market. Graphite Die (Graphite Electrode) with its superior performance in all aspects, has established an important position in the die industry and the future development trend.