• May / 29


    Graphite bushings bearing

    Graphite bushings bearing are the preferred mechanical component for engineers and manufacturers. Graphite bushings bearing are mainly used as mechanical supports for rotating or moving parts i...

  • Feb / 28


    Wear resisting graphite bearing

    Bearings, I think everyone is familiar with this, but what about graphite bearings? How much do you know? In the following content, let’s explain what wear resisting graphite bearings are! A w...

  • Jan / 27


    Carbon graphite bushing bearing

    Carbon graphite bushing bearings are important components in various industrial applications and are often used to provide a smooth surface for rotating shafts, allowing them to rotate smoothly...

  • Aug / 28


    Extruded Carbon Graphite Bearing for Bushing

    Extruded Carbon Graphite Bearing for Bushing Carbon Graphite Bearing refers to the sliding bearing made of carbon-graphite material. Carbon graphite sliding bearings are used in high an...