• May / 13


    Vibration molded carbon graphite blocks

    Vibration molded carbon graphite block is an excellent material that is well suited for a variety of industrial applications. It is used to make components for industries ranging from aerospace...

  • Apr / 10


    Vibration moulding graphite block

    Graphite block, the first thing we think of when mentioning this is its versatility and wide range of applications. It is famous both at home and abroad for its high thermal conductivity, low r...

  • Mar / 11


    Carbon isostatic graphite block

    What is carbon isostatic graphite block? The so-called carbon isostatic graphite block is made of natural or synthetic graphite, which is compressed and heated at high temperatures to form a d...

  • Mar / 05


    Medium coarse graphite block

    According to the different particle size, the graphite block is divided into fine particle graphite block and medium coarse graphite block. In this article, we will explain the application char...

  • Feb / 18


    Good quality 0.8mm fine grain graphite block

    Graphite block is a popular material used in modern industry. In this chapter, we will first take you to learn about 0.8mm fine grain graphite block and its uses! One of the more prominent use...

  • Dec / 22


    Fine granule graphite block

    Fine granule graphite block has its unique role in many fields. 1. Metallurgical and mechanical industries: Graphite block can be used as wear-resistant and lubricating materials. For exampl...

  • Sep / 06


    High Thermal Conductive Graphite Block

    Isostatic graphite block has the advantages of high body density, high compressive strength, small residual shrinkage and average pore size, high thermal conductivity, strong alkali resistance and ...