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  • Vibration moulding graphite block

    2024年4月10日 13:50

    Graphite block, the first thing we think of when mentioning this is its versatility and wide range of applications. It is famous both at home and abroad for its high thermal conductivity, low resistance and excellent machinability. ...

  • Carbon isostatic graphite block

    2024年3月11日 18:32

    What is carbon isostatic graphite block? The so-called carbon isostatic graphite block is made of natural or synthetic graphite, which is compressed and heated at high temperatures to form a dense and uniform structure. It has excel...

  • Medium coarse graphite block

    2024年3月5日 16:37

    According to the different particle size, the graphite block is divided into fine particle graphite block and medium coarse graphite block. In this article, we will explain the application characteristics of coarse graphite blocks! ...

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