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  • 1kg graphite crucible

    2024年3月28日 17:40

    1kg graphite crucible, this is a relatively common graphite crucible specification and is very popular among current customers. Our customer has customized a batch of 1kg graphite crucibles, which are ready to be packaged and shipped...

  • Graphite crucible for melting furnace

    2024年3月15日 19:28

    Graphite crucibles for melting furnaces are used in furnaces in various industries because of their good heat resistance, high thermal conductivity and stable chemical properties. Graphite crucible for melting furnace is an important...

  • Graphite crucible for induction furnace

    2024年3月4日 17:43

    What is a graphite crucible for induction furnace? To understand this issue, we first need to understand what an induction furnace is. An induction furnace is an electric furnace that uses a magnetic field to generate heat and melt m...

  • 5kg graphite crucible for gold

    2024年2月19日 11:54

    When it comes to the use of graphite crucibles, the first thing we think of is metal smelting. As the first tool for gold smelting, the graphite crucible plays an important role in this process, which requires the graphite crucible t...

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