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Customized Shape Graphite Mold for Casting Metals

Customized Shape Graphite Mold for Casting Metals

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50 Piece/Pieces
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Product Attributes

Model No.MS#3654


TypeGraphite Mold

Carbon ContentHigh-Carbon

GradeIndustrial Grade

PackageWooden Case




MateriaHigh Purity Graphite


AdvantagesMaterial Quality Stable

Supply Ability & Additional Information

PackagingWooden case with inside foam board


Place of OriginChina, Xinxiang

Supply Ability10000pcs/ month

HS Code3801100090

Payment TypeT/T


Packaging & Delivery
Selling Units:
Package Type:
Wooden case with inside foam board

Application fields of Graphite Mold:

With the development of science and technology, graphite with its excellent physical and organic chemical characteristics slowly become the selection of raw materials for mold production, graphite mold is widely used in various industries. Graphite CrucibleGraphite RodGraphite Plate, graphite block is more common.

1. Graphite mold can be used for continuous forging and semi-continuous forging of rare metals

Manufacturing practice has proved that the selection of graphite mold, due to its excellent heat transfer performance (heat transfer performance determines the condensation rate of metal materials or aluminum alloy), good lubrication characteristics and other factors, not only make the casting rate increased. And because of the precise casting specifications, smooth surface, crystalline mechanism symmetry, graphite mold is more conducive to the rapid production of the next process. This not only further improves the yield of good products, reduces the loss of waste products, but also greatly improves the quality of products.

2. Graphite mold can be used for centrifugal casting

Graphite mold has been successfully used in centrifugal casting. In the United Kingdom, synthetic graphite moulds with wall thickness above 25 mm have been used to centrifugally cast brass waterproof casing. In order to avoid the ablation of synthetic graphite mold, some anti-oxidation measures can be adopted. After casting a certain number of castings, if the inner surface of the casting mold is found to be ablated, the specification of the internal thread of the casting mold can be expanded to be used for forging large size waterproof casing.

3. Graphite mold can be used for laminated glass forming

Because graphite raw materials have chemical stability, not easy to melt laminated glass, always will not change the composition of glass, and graphite raw materials have excellent impact resistance to high temperature and other characteristics. Therefore, in recent years, graphite mold has become an indispensable mold material in the production and manufacture of laminated glass, which can be used to produce glass test tubes, elbows, Brinell funnels and various special-shaped glass bottles.

4. Graphite mold can be used for charging forging

Synthetic graphite has been successfully used in the charging forging of rare metals. For example, moulded zinc alloy materials and copper alloy castings have been used in layers such as car parts.

5. Graphite mold can be used for calcination

The calcination mould and support frame of crystal triode can be produced by using the small thermal deformation of synthetic graphite raw material. It has become an indispensable raw material for industrial production of semiconductor materials. In addition, graphite mold is also used in cast iron, a variety of rare metal durable casting mold, steel casting, high temperature resistant metal materials (titanium, zirconium, molybdenum, etc.) casting and welding rail with thermite welding type casting.

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HuiXian City Mishan Graphite Jip Co. Ltd is a factory and trading combo of graphite research, production and management. It is the lead of graphite products field. Creating value for customers is to create value for themselves, which is the philosophy of our factory.We have complete carbon & graphite production line with reasonable production process and advanced equipment, such as digital lathe, miller, driller, CNC numerically controlled machine tool, numerical-control engraving machine, etc. We support professional technical solution & after-Services.Our main products are graphite mold, graphite crucible, graphite heater, graphite parts for furnace. And we can also cut graphtie block, graphite rod, graphtie plate. All of our products are customized.Please feel to contact us, we will be happy to serve you.

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