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  • Jun / 12


    Graphite die mold for aluminum melting

    Graphite die mold for aluminum melting have the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, excellent chemical resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient. Its use is extremely beneficia...

  • May / 31


    Factory price graphite rods

    Graphite rods are cylindrical objects made of graphite material. They are widely used in various industries and play an indispensable role in modern technology. Graphite is a crystalline form ...

  • May / 29


    Graphite bushings bearing

    Graphite bushings bearing are the preferred mechanical component for engineers and manufacturers. Graphite bushings bearing are mainly used as mechanical supports for rotating or moving parts i...

  • May / 28


    Graphite crucible for melting metal

    Graphite crucibles for melting metal have become a popular choice in the metallurgical industry. With their high temperature resistance, chemical inertness and thermal stability, these graphite...

  • May / 27


    Graphite plates for electrolysis

    Graphite plates are a popular choice in electrolysis applications due to their many advantages. So let’s talk about the advantages of graphite plates through the following article! 1. Graphite...

  • May / 25


    High purity graphite pipe

    In this chapter, I will tell you about high-purity graphite tubes. High-purity graphite tubes come in a variety of specifications and sizes, which are all customized according to the actual nee...

  • May / 13


    Vibration molded carbon graphite blocks

    Vibration molded carbon graphite block is an excellent material that is well suited for a variety of industrial applications. It is used to make components for industries ranging from aerospace...

  • May / 07


    Graphite mold for centrifugal casting

    Graphite molds for centrifugal casting are used to produce high quality metal castings. Centrifugal casting is a popular casting process nowadays. It uses centrifugal force to evenly distribute...

  • Apr / 29


    Graphite rotor for aluminium degassing

    The graphite rotor is an important component in the aluminum degassing process. As the use of aluminum in the market grows, the need for high-quality and cost-effective aluminum degassing metho...