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  • Graphite mold for centrifugal casting

    2024年5月7日 16:50

    Graphite molds for centrifugal casting are used to produce high quality metal castings. Centrifugal casting is a popular casting process nowadays. It uses centrifugal force to evenly distribute the metal solution into the mold, aimin...

  • wholesale new products high pure customized carbon graphite mold die

    2024年4月18日 17:46

    If you need graphite molds, please contact us. Huixian Mishan Graphite Mold Co., Ltd. will be a good choice for you. As a professional graphite mold manufacturer, Huixian City Mishan Graphite can customize graphite molds of any spec...

  • Characteristics of graphite mold

    2024年4月15日 12:07

    Graphite molds have become increasingly popular in modern manufacturing processes due to their unique properties and characteristics. In this article, we will discuss the key characteristics of graphite molds and their significance in th...

  • Wear resistance graphite mould for industry

    2024年4月11日 15:42

    Wear-resistant graphite molds are becoming more and more popular in the manufacturing industry. Graphite molds are ideal for manufacturing products that require high precision. The wear-resistant properties of graphite molds make the...

  • Diamond saw bit segment graphite mould

    2024年4月8日 11:32

    Diamond saw blades are an essential tool for cutting and shaping hard materials such as concrete, granite, and metal. Diamond saw blades are becoming increasingly popular due to their superior speed and precision capabilities compare...

  • graphite mold for gold casting

    2024年4月7日 17:31

    Graphite mold for casting gold is an efficient and precise casting process. It combines the excellent properties of graphite materials with the fine requirements of metal casting, and has brought revolutionary changes to the producti...

  • Graphite molds for gold silver

    2024年3月22日 19:19

    For friends who are engaged in the precious metal industry, I think the first thing you need to consider is to find the right tools and equipment. Then let me recommend a tool that is suitable for you - that is the graphite mold! Gr...

  • Graphite mold for jewelry melting

    2024年3月20日 19:23

    Graphite molds are important tools in modern jewelry manufacturing. Why choose graphite mold? Let’s talk about the following points. One of the biggest advantages of using graphite molds is that they are highly resistant to corrosio...

  • Graphite mold for melting gold silver

    2024年3月18日 17:44

    Graphite molds for melting gold silver are a popular choice in various casting industries, especially the jewelry industry. Not only does this graphite mold have stable performance, but its ease of processing makes it ideal for casti...

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